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For me, winter is always a tough month to dress for. Even though it’s cold outside you still want to look chic. Being petite it is always a balancing act of thing shirts, bulky jackets or bulky sweaters and thin jackets, but never bulky sweaters and bulky jackets (unless I’m skiing or somewhere freezing this will just make me look super bulky and I’ll drown in my clothes).

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My go-to winter outfit this year has been my new suede jacket, lined with faux fur, this thin black silk blouse, burgundy pants, and high heel booties. My “Achilles heel” is shopping and discovering new brands in Paris. I learned about 1 2 3 Paris when I first saw their IG (Click Here if you want to check it out). I first stopped this LENY jacket at a store near my apartment. After lusting over it for a few weeks I decided to order it in a size 36. As for the fit, I rolled up the sleeves to expose the faux fur. The jacket fell right at my waist, and provided enough room underneath for a thin top or a light sweater.

By now you’ve noticed I tend to wear a lot of black in the winter. However, with this jacket I wanted to pair it with a nice pair of wax burgundy jeans. I ordered a size 36 as well in the OLIVER jeans. Being 4’11 the jeans were a tad big and I want to watch them in hot water and turn on the dryer to the max so they would shrink a bit! (This did the trick, make sure you add a little vinegar to persevere the color). I always roll my jeans / pants at the bottom so my legs appear longer. Under the jacket I wore a gorgeous DORIS blouse top. This top is so lightweight and can be dressed up or down. I love the detail on the front of the blouse it looks so chic.

Finally I threw on a pair of booties to complete the look. I’d love to hear what winter fashion tips or tricks you have.

Outfit Worn:

123 Paris Website 

LENY jacket (Sale!)

DORIS blouse (Sale!)

OLIVER jeans (Sale!)

Sincerely Petite in Paris,

Petite in Paris Diane


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