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Diane wears a Hermes Birkin Togo 30, Louboutin Shoes and a Black Dress

With the price of handbags on the rise, you may be wondering, what are good investment worthy bags for 2021? Or you may be thinking if I only had one handbag to invest in which handbag should I buy? If you are like me, you like to invest in high quality handbags with great craftsmanship. You want a bag to last a lifetime and even more than that if you take care of the bag and treat it well, you might want to pass it down to the next generation. 

Today I’m going to share with you which bags in my opinion what are the best investment worthy designer handbags that would be great to add to your collection. Below are my favorite investment bags to buy in 2021.  

Hermes Birkin

The first bag on this list is the Hermes Birkin Bag. Unlike other brands, the Hermes Birkin only increased their price by their standard rate they do every year. The Hermes Birkin remains one of the best investment handbags of all time. Not only do these bags have a high resale value if you ever decide you want to resell your bag, they have a gorgeous design and are all made by hand. Each Birkin bag is made by one Hermes artisan and takes 48 hours from start to finish to complete. If you only invest in one designer handbag, then I highly recommend the Hermes Birkin. 

how to style a birkin bag


Price Point for a New Hermes Birkin: Birkin 30 Togo in the USA: $10,900

Price Point Preloved Hermes Birkin: Starts at $8,000

Lady Dior 

Another incredible bag that couldn’t be left off the list is the Lady Dior bag. The Lady Dior bag first hit the fashion scene in 1995, when it was presented to Princess Diana. The story goes, after she received her first Lady Dior bag, which was called “Chouchou” at the time, she ordered a new one every season. After the passing of Princess Diana, Dior changed the name in order to pay tribute, calling the bag Lady Dior. Today, the Lady Dior bag is one of the most coveted bags that Dior makes. This is a timeless bag that you will carry for years. 

Princess Diana carrying the lady dior bag


Price Point for a New Medium Lady Dior : $5,100

Price Point for a Preloved Lady Dior: Average: $3,000

Chanel Flap Bag

I couldn’t make an investment worthy bags list without including the classic Chanel Flap Bag. Chanel made headlines this year, by announcing a staggering 21% price increase. Wooh I knew the Covid-19 was bad for the luxury industry, but increasing the prices by 21% is a tough sell. However, with that being said, the classic Chanel Flap Bag remains one of the most iconic bags of all time. The Chanel Bag is considered one of the most desired and recognizable designer bags. Many stores will often carry this bag at their boutique.

how to style a Chanel flap bag


Price Point New Chanel Flap Bag: $6,500

Price Point for Preloved Chanel Flap Bag: $4,000

Celine Luggage Bag

Another investment worth bag is the Celine Luggage Bag! Launched in 2010, this bag didn’t gain popularity until a few years later under the creative director Phoebe Philo. Shortly after the redesign by Philo, famous celebrities were spotted wearing the bag. This timeless classic has ample amount of space inside and is a great investment piece, very practical, and you will wear it for years. The Celine Luggage Bag is definitely part of the investment worthy bags list!

how to style a Celine Luggage Bag


Price Point for a New Celine Luggage: $2,900

Price Point for Preloved Celine Luggage: $1,500

best handbags for 2020
best investment bags

Louis Vuitton Neverfull 

I couldn’t create a list without including at least one bag from Louis Vuitton. With so many classic Louis Vuitton pieces to choose from, it was hard to determine which in my opinion is the most timeless piece. After some research and analysis, I’ve determined the LV Neverfull is the investment bag you should purchase. This bag is an incredible tote, and the quality is immaculate. I’ve had my Louis Vuitton Neverfull for almost 10 years now and it is still in great condition. This bag has a lower price point than some of the others, but nevertheless is still investment worthy. 

fashion blogger, style a louis vuitton neverfull


Price Point for a New LV Neverfull: $1,580

Price Point for Preloved LV Neverfull: $1,200

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Recap of top 5 investment worthy bags in 2020

If this is your year to splurge on a handbag then I highly recommend one of the top 5 investment worthy handbags I have listed above. When you invest in a high quality, timeless handbag, you won’t be needing (maybe wanting), but definitely not needing a new handbag all the time. I always tell people when you invest in high quality pieces they last way longer and you if you take good care of your handbag it would be a good piece to pass on. These handbags have already been popular for years and will continue to be popular for years to come. I’d love to hear in the comments below, what are you favorite investment worthy bags?

Sincerely Petite in Paris,


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