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As we celebrate International Women's Day, we spotlight some incredible women making positive change for people and the planet.
As a New Zealand brand, Untouched World is proud to feature a logo that links us to our local culture. You’ll notice the Māori kite symbol incorporated into the design of most of our garments in some way.

Every year, the fashion industry produces a staggering amount of waste - an estimated 92 million tonnes, to be exact. Most of this waste comes from unwanted clothing that has been discarded by consumers.

The Christmas season is finally upon us, and oh what a wonderful time of the year it is. A time of family, friends, love, laughter, and fun.

The Fashion Industry. It is responsible for billions of dollars in revenue and employs millions of people around the world.

Synthetic fabrics account for the majority of microplastics in the environment today, which is why natural fibre garments are the best option for truly sustainable fashion.

It’s no secret that plastic isn't planet friendly. It pollutes our earth and oceans and takes hundreds of years to decompose. So why would a so-called sustainable company like Untouched World still use plastic courier bags and packaging?

Every day we strive for a better tomorrow, using fashion as an agent for change. So it’s a great honour that we announce we have won a Common Objective Top 10 Award for 2022.

Five-year old Rita McCormack has drawn a special picture of the flying doctor planes that helped save her life as a baby. Now her drawing is depicted on a fundraising t-shirt for the New Zealand Flying Doctor Trust (NZFDT), produced by Untouched World.

From snug beanies and booties to cuddly blankets and knits, our new baby collection maximises comfort without compromising practicality or aesthetics.

We were incredibly honoured to play our part in this global event, representing New Zealand fashion as the chosen designers of this year’s APEC Leaders’ garment.

As consumers, we’re becoming more aware of our social and environmental responsibility, but at a time when sustainability is the word on everyone’s lips, it can be difficult to spot genuine from greenwashing.